Florida Ranch For Sale (FSBO)

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Ranch Land for sale in Florida

A Beautiful Florida Ranch for Sale in Polk County

Spend your days on a beautiful, picturesque ranch. We have a Central Florida Ranch for Sale that is sure to fulfill your dreams. Located at the heart of the state, our property offers ideal farmland, perfect pastures, and a picture-perfect view of the countryside. We’ve carefully designed our ranch to offer the best that country living has to offer. Visit our property today and witness the splendor of our land for yourself.

We offer this Florida ranch FSBO--that is, for sale by owner. There’s no need to make arrangements with a real estate agent or meet through an intermediary. As the owners, we want you to see our property and take in the natural beauty of the country. We are sure that when you view our twin ranches, the home, and the land around it, you will fall in love with the whole package.

A Gem amongst the Farms and Ranches

When people think of farms, they might think of toiling in the hot sun, working from early morning to late at night. On our property, things couldn’t be any more different. Our property is best described as a “Gentleman’s Ranch.” Livestock basically raises itself. Amongst ranches for sale in Central Florida, we take pride in offering a pristine, 20-acre property that cattle love to use for grazing. The land has been painstakingly planned to ensure minimal maintenance and work for the rancher--no need for shoveling or extensive feed stores.

Growers also have something to look forward to here. This farm and ranch is also part of muckland--soil that is nutrient-rich and perfect for growing all sorts of plants, trees, and crops. It has the potential to be productive farmland for fruits, berries, and much more.

Our agricultural land for sale in Florida is approved by the Greenbelt initiative, which keeps property taxes low. So if you have always wanted to spend your days lazily appreciating the farm life while enjoying the views in the shade, this would be the perfect place to do it.

Make Your Home Here

It’s hard to determine a crown jewel of this land because almost everything on the ranch has something unique and compelling to add to this complete package. Rich farmland, low-maintenance pastures, and breathtaking views all work together to make the entire plot a joy to live.

However, we do want to brag a bit about the ranch house--which is what you see on this page. It is a 4-bedroom, 2-bath property with 2,500 sq. ft. of living space. With a large fireplace and an open floor plan, it’s easy to spend your time indoors while taking in the inspiring views of the pastures around you. Water comes from a high-quality deep well. Outside, there’s a reinforced patio, a pavilion, and paved play area to entertain company.

Whether you want to start a business raising livestock or a place to settle down, we’re confident you’ll be right at home here. Let us know when you want to see the ranch for yourself, and get ready to fall in love.

Contact us to request a tour of our ranch property. We offer our ranch for sale, by owner.

Florida ranch house for sale